How Do I Choose The Right Agent For Me?

In this program we discuss the process of choosing the best agent for you to sell your home. Even if you have an existing relationship with an agent we suggest you chat to 2 or 3 agents. It’s always smart to see what others have to offer. There can be a huge difference between the …

What Does Under Contract Mean?

Have you ever wondered what the term “under contract or under offer” means on a real estate listing or signage board? Today we go through what it means when a property is under contract and if the property is actually off the market or not. We also go through what a Dutch auction is. PODCAST

Real Estate Commissions

Today, we’re talking about a range of topics which include: Real estate commissions or agent fees:What percentage of the sale of the property goes to the agent fee and what that money is spent on. Marketing: What types of marketing is required to attract buyers. Multiple Agents: It is a good idea to have multiple real estate …

Deal breakers

What are the deal breakers that turn people off when purchasing a property? Here is a list of things to keep in mind when selling your property. Bad smells like pet and smoking oder. Renovations/alterations that should have had council approval. White ants Rising damp Bold paint colours Amiture images of the property PODCAST

We Have An Offer

We’ve spent the last few weeks discussing the process of listing your home for sale. This week we look at what happens when a potential purchaser puts in an offer. What should you do as a vendor to make the process as stress free whilst also securing the best price for your home. PODCAST

Prepare your Property for Professional Photography

Selling your property? Professional photography is a must when you are trying to capture the attention of potential buyers. Potential buys will decide if they are going to want to see the property for themselves if they like what they are seeing in your photos. The list below shows some key areas to pay attention to when you …

Prepare Your Home For Sale and List To Sell with Karen

Where do I start if I want to prepare my home and put my house on the market. You need to be mentally ready to go to market. I find that some people aren’t quite ready to sell and therefore almost prohibit the sale. It can be such an emotional process, its not always a …